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Client Reviews

Perfect! I got my daughter to start studying with Harriet when she was about to give up on Latin. Harriet sparked curiosity in my daughter, and made sure that she understood everything that was being taught. She ran through everything from start to end, making sure that my daughter was all good with the subject. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a tutor to turn to Harriet.

Dilki G (Chanu, Junior Latin) Aug 20' 
Harriet is absolutely wonderful. She is patient and my daughter is really engaged with Harriet. After every session Harriet always lets me know what they have worked on for that day and also how my daughter's attitude was for the session. My daughter loves learning French and can't wait for each week. They way she is being taught she is learning really quickly while also having fun. I can't recommend Harriet enough.    

Jo M (Imogen, Primary French) Sept 20' 
Harriet has been of invaluable help for my daughter in her preparation for her Year 9 Latin exam. My daughter was not enjoying Latin, but she has really enjoyed the sessions with Harriet. She particularly likes Harriet's teaching style, which she finds easy to understand, making Latin enjoyable. We are so glad we found her and I highly recommend Harriet as a Latin tutor.

Lisa T (Eloise, Senior Latin and English) Oct 20' 

Excellent tutor! Having Harriet teaching Bethany has been a tremendous blessing.  
Basil D (Bethany, David and Gabriella, Junior Latin and Senior French) Jun 20'

Harriet has found her calling. She has a natural talent in sharing learning. She is well prepared. Provides regular updates on our son’s progress. I would not hesitate to recommend her has a tutor in Latin.The obvious success of these sessions are demonstrative of Harriet's skill as a teacher. Leo comes away with a smile on his face. I’m glad he is being asked to write down some words as that encourages his confidence with writing. 

Thank you for an excellent year of assistance. 

We are proud of Leo’s progress, but more importantly Leo’s love of the classics has blossomed. 

We look forward to continuing his study with you in 2021.

Nicholas A (Leo, Primary Latin and English support) Oct 20'

My Latin skills have been improving every week and so has my confidence with the language. Harriet is extremely organised and is a great help! I feel like I have a greater understanding of what is happening in class at school.  Harriet is an amazing tutor. She is always very organised, approachable and very understanding. Harriet always strives to help me with Latin, and provides great resources to assist in my learning. I have improved a great deal with my Latin due to Harriet's tutoring sessions.

Joanne C (Student, Senior Latin) Feb 22’

Harriet is a very helpful and professional tutor who teaches Latin to my daughter. Her teaching methods are very clear and concise. She teaches at the students´ pace making sure they are able to comprehend and apply the content. Her feedback helps the students to develop their interests in the area by encouraging them to improve their skills and to broaden their understanding.
Chamil J (Ahbi, Junior Latin) Feb 21'

We are extremely happy with Harriet's private lessons for our son, who is in year 7. The 1 hour lesson, once a week has significantly improved his confidence and progress in class for two languages which he has never studied before, French and Latin. We highly recommend Harriet. 
Minh D (Andrew, Junior Latin and French) Mar 21'

Harriet was excellent. Very well informed, hopeful and flexible with times. 
Joshua Z (Student, Year 11 Latin) Apr 21’

Harriet has been tutoring my daughter in Latin and French. Harriet is very well organised, engaging and kind. My daughter looks forward to her sessions every week and she is progressing very well.I could not recommend Harriet enough.  
Michelle D (Parent of Indi, Primary Latin and French) May 21’

My son really enjoyed the lesson! (Review received after one session)
Suzane B (Parent of Angus, Year 9 Latin) Jun 21'

My tutoring experience with Harriet has been facilitated by the fact that she is easily able to adapt given the different tasks within my course. Moreover, she is very good at instilling good habits which ensure precision and accuracy in one's writing. Finally, she is flexible and willing to go above and beyond to ensure a student's success.

Matthew (Year 12 French IB) Oct 21’

Harriet has been great at tutoring me Latin over the past few months!!! Always organised, responsive and polite!

William A (University, Feb 22')

My daughter is currently in year 12 and was struggling with some aspects of the French Continuers course and so I engaged Harriet to tutor her.  From the very beginning it was clear that Harriet is extremely professional.  She has a very effective tutoring approach, provides immediate written feedback both to the student and the parent and even her invoicing system is efficient!  Pre Harriet my daughter’s last mark was 70%, with Harriet it is now 96%. This improvement is, without doubt, testament to Harriet’s skills as a tutor. I would recommend Harriet to anyone considering a tutor in languages. (Helen, Parent of Selby, Year 12 French)


Harriet is a talented linguist and a highly experienced language teacher who is committed to maximising the potential of all students. She has extensive HSC teaching experience in both Latin and French and a vast number of her students go on to study languages at a tertiary level. Harriet is positive, personable, proactive and adept at building strong relationships with all students. I do not hesitate to recommend her services for all tutoring and individual study needs.
Jo Craig (Colleague at the Scots College, NSW) Mar 21'

Having worked with Harriet for a number of years, I got to witness her capacity to build an excellent rapport with her students and give them confidence in especially challenging subject matter. Harriet is adept at Stage 6 pedagogy, and has demonstrated herself as an expert in Languages course content. Harriet arrived at our school at a moment of great transition, and quickly proved to be an agile, collaborative and resilient member of the team. I would confidently recommend Harriet for any teaching position in her KLA.
Cody Reynolds (Colleague at the Scots College, NSW)  Apr 20'

I’ve known Harriet for many years and we lived together while studying at both the University of Sydney and Sciences Po University in Paris. I’ve always admired Harriet’s super strong French skills and her natural ability to teach others. Harriet is such a warm, down to earth, reliable and hardworking person, and I am so happy that she has found her passion as a languages teacher.
Gabrielle Doyle Aug 20'

Harriet is a great educator with a wealth of teaching experience. More than that, she's a brilliant communicator who is able to break difficult ideas down in a way that makes it easier for students to understand - staying patient in the process. Her lived experience in France means she understands the cultural nuances that come with a new language, so really, you're learning way more than just what's in a textbook.

Ellyn Duncan Aug 20'

Harriet has a strong ability to relate and connect with her students. She has a very wide knowledge of languages especially Latin and French. She has a strong work ethic and dedication to getting the best possible outcomes for her students. I would highly recommend Harriet for tutoring.

Charles H Sept 20'