I am familiar with a range of text books used in schools. I can also recommend excellent Latin textbooks which I prefer to use during our tutoring sessions as well as many of my own personally made resources. Here is a list of some of the most popular textbooks which I like to use for tutoring: 


The text/work books I recommend for learning Latin are: 

  • LRN LATN Part I, II and III as well as a range of senior HSC prescribed texts based workbooks by Liz Stephenson. These books can be purchased by contacting Liz directly.
    With your contact details and address and she will send you the books.

Suburani Course

Minimus Part II Textbook 


The Language International Bookshop has some excellent French Resources on offer which you can purchase online for additional French reading.

In terms of new releases here are some suggestions: 

Language International Bookshop- French Brochure August 2021



I tend to refer to my own resources depending on the topic and prescribed study text. I can also recommend suitable texts from the list of prescribed texts from NESA for the  different stages. 

Some other useful language learning sites: 

Why study Latin?

The benefits of studying and learning a second language are countless, here are some short videos on this topic:

"Employers will be looking for people who can think logically, communicate effectively and solve problems in innovative ways...people who know the fundamentals of the game, fundamentals we can cultivate through the teaching of Latin" - Ryan Sellers